Chronic Low Back Pain

I have a history of 30 years of continuing back pain from an injury as a young man, stiffness and general lack of flexibility. Together those conditions made it all too easy to get injured from time to time and naturally, the resulting healing times lengthened as I aged. Through the years physician and surgical exams and treatments didn’t provide any lasting relief or satisfactory answers about the cause. To help manage these issues I practiced yoga, received occasional chiropractic and frequent deep tissue massage treatments with good results at first. After several years of yoga practice I “hit the wall” due to those systemic flexibility issues coupled with the normal aging process. Incidents of pain, stiffness and minor injuries were becoming more frequent. The combination of chiropractic and deep tissue massage treatments along with the yoga practice were no longer as effective. In retrospect that’s not surprising as I was treating symptoms, not the underlying causes.

Maria’s thorough and expert diagnosis identified areas that were causing symptoms leading to both lack of flexibility and pain. In all those years, her medical diagnosis was the first I had received to look beyond symptoms to the systemic causes.

As a result of Maria’s treatments, my body is becoming more “balanced”. I have achieved better alignment; can maintain better posture, and my back pain is rarely present. I’m more functional and able to do activities I avoided before because of concern of injury. If I get do a strain or minor injury when I don’t “act my age”, recovery is surprisingly quick now. (I should note that while a yoga practice reduces or eliminates the need for other strengthening and flexibility exercises, and is fun, having a highly qualified instructor is absolutely critical.)

Maria’s expert and through diagnosis along with the MFR treatments has succeeded in eliminating symptoms by attacking root causes rather than providing temporary relieve of symptoms. Because I continue to practice yoga on a regular basis, repeating many standard poses, I can actually measure week-to-week improvements in flexibility and alignment. As I enter my 60’s I’m getting older but not feeling old. My only regret is that I didn’t start this regime 30 years ago.
— Lou November 29, 2009, Age 61, Retired Engineer / Consultant

How could MFR Help you?

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Chronic Calf Strain

Dear Maria,

I came to you at Body Wisdom to seek relief from a recent running injury, which was affecting my ability to race at my expected level. I was new to Myofascial Release technique, but it was suggested by my physical therapist in an effort to allow me to train through my injury. Both you and my regular physical therapist, quickly assessed that the pain in my left calf was actually a combination of repetitive strain secondary to the opposite (right) hip flexor restriction. This caused my left calf to have to work too hard during the push-off phase, resulting in a chronic muscle strain. In addition to several sessions of Myofascial Release, the new stretching and strengthening exercises, which you taught me, have been very helpful in my ongoing training regime. I was able to resume training and finish off my season with a solid performance in Hawaii at the XTERRA Triathlon World Championships, which is the off-road version of Iron Man.

Thank you.
— Brian Emelson November 29, 2009, Age 43, Director of Parks and Recreation, Town of Victor Athletic Credits: Competed in World Championships in traditional triathlons (2006 & 2007) Xterra Hawaii (2009) Multiple time USA Triathlon All-American Winner of many local and regional races in the sports of running, mountain biking and triathlon

Frozen Shoulder, Anxiety, Depression

I was desperate. I needed to find some way to cope with the pain... so I prayed that God would help me heal or send me to someone who could help me. When my physical therapist recommended Maria, I was open and eager to find an alternative approach to the cortisone shots, medication, and physical therapy that I had been using to treat my frozen shoulder for the last 4 months. What I experienced in just 2 visits working with Maria was wildly beyond my expectations. I went to Maria to help heal my shoulder, and in the first session it was pretty apparent that there was a much deeper healing taking place in my heart. In fifteen years of psychotherapy, I had never felt healing as deep and soothing as I did after a couple of sessions with Maria. Having been treated for anxiety for years, I could feel it wash away in minutes with the techniques she was using to treat me. The most surprising realization was that when my anxiety lifted, I could feel a deep love and spiritual connectedness like I’ve never experienced before. In fact, I did not realize how much my daily anxiety masked and prohibited me from feeling. Following our visits, I felt a renewed sense of hope and increased energy to help me cope with not only my shoulder, but also with everyday struggles. Surprisingly, after the second session, I was able to go off all medication for my shoulder, and even found that medication tempered the positive feelings from the healing process. Each session is a new learning experience where I get more clarity around what my body needs to heal itself.
— Diane December 30, 2009, Age 47, Learning Solutions Architect

Hip Flexor Pain

Dear Maria,

I sought out Myofascial Release after suffering with pain in my left hip flexor for over a year. What was once simply annoying became downright debilitating as it left me unable to complete my daily activities without constant pain and modification of my movement. At night the pain in my hip flexor would wake me up and leave me tired and miserable in the morning. I teach group fitness, and am a personal trainer, and love to be active, so having full use of my body is an integral part of my daily life. After just one session I felt a marked improvement in the amount of pain in my hip flexor. I was very happy and relieved, knowing that Myofascial Release could make a difference in my pain, and I would not need to resort to more intrusive methods or drugs for pain relief. After three sessions the pain was nearly gone. You gave me simple exercises to do at home that dramatically helped to keep my body feeling good between sessions. After five sessions I was able to move freely in my group fitness classes and during my own personal workouts without modification or pain. Prior to the Myofascial Release, I couldn’t even cross my legs without using my arms to physically lift the hurting leg! To say that I was fully satisfied is an understatement!

Although my hip flexor is currently pain free, I have decided to continue this work work with you, because my body feels good after every session. Also, it is a wonderful stress reliever. The minor aches and pains that accompany physical activity are alleviated, when I continue to participate in your Myofascial Release treatments. I feel confident that regular participation in Myofascial Release will help my body age with far fewer aches and pains that accompany the process of growing older. I have also gained body awareness, which has improved my posture dramatically. The benefits of Myofascial Release are innumerable!

Thank You!
— Candace Brown November 11, 2009, Age:29, Personal Trainer/Office Manager


I developed sciatica out of the clear blue in mid-December 2009. After consulting with my primary care physician, he suggested physical therapy. I went to a physical therapist, who I had seen previously. After several visits with little relief, I asked a good friend who he has been seeing for his treatment, and he recommended Maria de la Cruz at Body Wisdom Physical Therapy.

Having Sciatica was affecting all aspects of my life. It made my work environment difficult. It affected my leisure activities: I enjoy tennis, walking, and cycling. It even made sleeping difficult.
I had never utilized Myofascial Release for pain before, only traditional physical therapy methods. Myofascial Release not only gave me relief from my pain and discomfort, but it gave me greater range of motion. Although the sessions are sometimes hard work, by the end I am very relaxed and feel great.

Maria is a very caring, experienced professional. She creates a warm, nurturing atmosphere.
— Chuck May 23, 2010, Age 62, Dentist